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What is the role of the Office of Child Advocate?

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Our Main Functions

1. Review foster care case management
2. Review unsubstantiated hotline cases
3. Mediate between parents and schools regarding abuse allegations in a school setting
4. Review child fatalities for children and families that have had a history with the Children's Division
5. Provide information and referrals for families needing services.


Who Should Call Our Office?

Anyone can call our office: family, a concerned neighbor, teacher, grandparent, or police officer. The information our callers provide is confidential and is not disclosed without permission. You may call our office at our toll free number
866-457-2302, or fill out a complaint form.

Complaint Form



The Office of Child Advocate can also provide or coordinate mediation services between school districts and parents when allegations of child abuse arise in a school setting.


List of Mediators

Ways to Get In Contact With Our Office


Call Us

Toll Free: 866-457-2302


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 809
Jefferson City, MO 65102



To Report Child Abuse & Neglect Call the Toll Free Hotline: 800-392-3738.