The leaders of our state passed legislation in 2004 to strengthen our child welfare system in providing protection to our children/families by passing a child welfare reform bill (HB1453). This statute further promotes the well-being of children/families by enhancing state child welfare services. The statute can be found in the following locations:

– Definitions.

– Office established–appointment of child advocate.

– Access to information–authority of office–confidentiality of information.

– Complaint procedures–annual report, contents.

– Office of Child Advocate County Review.

– Files may be disclosed at discretion of child advocate, exceptions–privileged information–penalty for disclosure of confidential material.

– Immunity from liability, when.

Legislation was passed in 2011 to authorize OCA to coordinate mediation efforts between school districts and students when allegations of child abuse arise in a school setting (SB54). The statute can be found in the following location:

– Mediation.